Observing Ramadan 2013 Qatar

Wondering how to observe Ramadan 2013 in Qatar? This blog post will wrap up pretty much everything you need to know. Observed by Muslims worldwide, Ramadan, is a month-long religious event that is celebrated every ninth month of the Islamic calendar by our Muslim brothers and sisters.

When Is Qatar Ramadan 2013?

Although the exact date for the start of the Ramadan varies, Ramadan 2013 in Qatar is said to start on the evening of July 9 and will end on August 7, 2013. Like in many Arab countries, there are things that are strictly observed during this month.

Ramadan 2013 Calendar Qatar

Note: Above date is an estimate commencement of the Ramadan 2013 season but is not accurate as this depend on the moon sighting and declaration to be made by Saudi officials.

Update: As of 7/8/2013 – It has been confirmed that the Ramadan in Qatar starts on July 10, Wednesday and not on July 9th. Click here to read the full update.

Do’s & Dont’s in Celebrating Ramadan in Qatar

ramadan dos and dontsBelow are ten things that one should take note of, whether one is living in Qatar, working or planning to visit a Muslim country during this month.

Fasting & Respect if You’re Non Muslim

Muslims abstain from eating, drinking, swearing and even any sexual practice from dawn until dusk time. For foreigners or non-Muslims, the practice is not obligatory although they are advised to refrain from eating in public places or anywhere where there are Muslims around. Expats or foreigners who also live in Qatar should also close their windows to prevent any smell of food from escaping their homes.

ramadan qatar 2013

Public Display of Affection is a big NO!

As any form of public display of affection between opposite sex is included in the fasting, it is prohibited to show affection in public and is considered as disrespectful and illegal. Speaking to the opposite sex is also prohibited especially when one is a stranger to the other part.

Discipline is a MUST!

It is important that one should be on one’s best behavior especially so during this period. An example that is considered bad-mannered would be spitting in public places or slandering other people’s name by gossiping. Swearing or using gestures that are offensive in nature is considered as disrespectful and as such, is illegal.

Silence is Golden & is Important

Ramadan is a religious event that all Muslims observe. Non-Muslims are requested to tone down their voices in public, avoid organizing huge parties and playing loud music. Night clubs are also closed during this month although some bars would be open during night time or after the fasting period.

Watch What You Wear

Whether one is planning to visit the country or staying for some time, it is essential that men and women wear appropriate clothing. Clothing can include long loose trousers and knee length skirts and garments that cover the legs, arms and shoulders of a person. No shorts, mini skirts or anything that reveals your skin making you a subject of lust and obsession.

Reduced Working Hours for Everyone

Working hours during the whole month is also shortened. These include shops, banks, commercial establishments and offices. Schedules for public transport are also changed so it is important that one check out the new timetable for public transport as well as the operational hours of the establishments.

No Shopping/ & Restaurants Throughout the Day

As eating is illegal or prohibited during the day, all restaurants and commercial establishments are closed during the day and will open after sunset and will extend operational hours. Some restaurants though are open during the day although it is necessary to book or reserve a place to ensure that the establishment is open.

Ramadan Qatar 2013Charity Is Encouraged

One concept of Ramadan includes the zakat or alms giving. During this time, many Muslims would give money to charity or volunteer their time to do charity works. Some would also pay in kind. If one lives in Qatar, one might see and even be recipient of the zakat.

Respect Tradition, Accept Invitation

If one is living in Qatar, one might be invited to partake in Sawm or Iftar. Sawm is the pre-dawn meal whereas the Iftar is the meal eaten after the fasting. Although it is not required, accepting the invitation is often customary if your friends and collegues ask you to celebrate Ifthar during Ramadan in Qatar.




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  1. Qatar is a Muslim country and majority living there is muslim. That’s why In the respect of Ramadan they never open shops in Fast timings.

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