Knowing Your Options How To Find Part Time Jobs in Qatar

The Legality & Availability of Part Time Jobs in Qatar

Knowing Your Options How To Find Part Time Jobs in Qatar

Knowing Your Options How To Find Part Time Jobs in Qatar

Finding part time jobs in Qatar can be quite a challenge if you only have limited resources and contacts in the country. Too often, it is quite a normal picture for any immigrant worker that he is living less than his means or his responsibilities are quite big that his salary is not able to compensate. I for one is among them. And this inspired me to write my ideas on different options of finding Qatar living part time job vaccancies.

Getting a part time job is a clever way to get your finances better instead of getting loans with high interest in the country. Either you want to pay for your debt, build up a figurative saving, finance your family in your country, or you just wanna engage to more activities to make yourself even more productive, I hope that this tips in finding part time jobs will be very helpful to you.

Although there are many open doors and possibilities that this country provides, getting a part time job is not as easy compared to other countries. But this is Middle East and the way of lifestyle here is quite different. If only we live in English countries, getting part time jobs will be very easy. But we’re not, so I hope that this article will help you.

Are Part Time Work in Qatar Illegal?

Technically, Yes! This is actually prohibited under the Qatar Labour Law stating that one shouldn’t be working for another employer if you signed an exclusive contract with your sponsor. Unless you are given a special permission to work for someone else, then it can be an exemption. Or the other risky option – to work in part times jobs without making it known. The latter is quite observed by very many individuals in the country. You just have to be really careful that your sponsor will not know about this and that it isn’t affecting your current responsibilities with them. Otherwise, you will be rewarded with a breach of contract offense where penalty may occur depending on your sponsor’s decision. If this happens, the one who hired you may also face several offenses.

Ways of Getting Extra Income through Different Part Time Job Ideas

Here are key ideas and tips that I can provide in order to bring some extra cash to your pocket:

Define your hobbies, do what you love doing & earn from it.

  • There are hobbies that you can actually make money out of it. You probably know the things that you are fond of doing. I suggest that you focus on that and explore your contacts and see if someone needs some help in that specific department. I’d like to cite myself as an example – I love ballroom dancing. What I did is asked my friends if they know someone who wants to learn ballroom and I get several gig!
  • I also have a friend who spend so much of his money in photography – buying lenses, camera maintenance, etc. Didn’t you know that there are many freelancing job opportunities for photographers in the country? Yes, in fact, my friend is earning a very decent amount through this part time job in Doha!

Be a freelancer – earn money online!

  • Are you someone who loves to write and internet is your passion? Why not blog about it and generate revenue to your blogs! While blogging will not make you really rich, this is actually a great opportunity to supplement your monthly income. Choose a niche that you love, that you are fond of, write about it and earn! I would recommend BlogSpot as a start and earn through AdSense.
  • Have you heard of data entry jobs, pay per click jobs, online jobs, etc? They exist, they truly do! As a matter of fact, I am earning a very decent income through freelancing. There are many freelancing websites that you can register and find part time jobs with. These websites offer a wide variety of part time jobs depending on your skills. We have,, and many more. Personally, I am engage Odesk & this is what I would recommend.
  • Use the power of classifieds – Part Time Jobs in Qatar Living Site and other search engines is a great way to get a contract and win a part time job. You just have to be really careful with dealing various people – always know the drill in meeting and negotiating with strangers!

The Power of Buy & Selling!

  • Yes, I am not kidding! Selling different stuff can be a great way to generate revenue and extra income. When was the last time you cleaned up your closet? Or checked those books in the shelves? When was the last time you cleaned up your garage? You might notice that a lot of them are things that you no longer need. But why throw them? You can actually make money from it!
  • Got a huge network of friends? Why not buy and sell random things – clothing, apparels, gadgets, etc that they might be really interested in. Let them take the goods and pay you during the payday!

These are just few of ways to generate income through many part time jobs in Qatar. Hard work is your main ingredient for you to earn extra. Earning more means working hard even more. How about you? Got any tips on how to find the best part time jobs in Qatar?




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10 thoughts on “Knowing Your Options How To Find Part Time Jobs in Qatar

  1. I have hard time looking for part time jobs that is decent. There are many part time jobs in doha but mostly cleaning task. I’m thankful about the tip in doing online job! I’m going to try that very soon!

    Thank you!

  2. There are many expats who is doing different part time jobs in doha but you really have to careful with whom you are dealing with. Most jobs available are those for transport and cleaning services. If you are a professional, I suggest the online jobs or the freelancing that the author of this article suggested. I’m a member of that site too.

  3. Hi my hubby is coming to Doha to work August from uk , I’ll join him early next year, enjoy writing but social worker currently working as a probation officer, as there is no crime in Qatar any good suggestions ? Any help or advise greatly received. Thanks in advance Jane

    • Hi Jane, Qatar is a safe place to live. You need not to worry about the peace situation of the country. As of suggestions, there’s a lot of options for you. For full time employment, I would suggest teaching, one of the best jobs available in the country, good compensation, I think not very far from writing and social work :) Once you get here and I assume you will be in husband visa, getting a work will be easy for you.

  4. Thank you Jay for this great tips / info. Just registered myself with oDesk and hopefully something good comes in.
    You rock!!!

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